Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The To Do List

Hello Wednesday!

As I've mentioned about a million times before I'll be showing my work at Formex this January. To make the most of this situation I've decided to really really push myself and come out with several new products and collections in just a few months. About 5 months to be exact. I have about 2 month to go, with the crazy holiday season in between. How on earth is this going to go?!

To do lists! I've written more to do lists these past few weeks than I have in my life. I have lists that outline all the large items I need to get done, as well as more detailed lists to organise all of the small tasks and details that go into specific projects. It helps that I'm a rather zen unstressed person too. I know when to back off from work, and I'm also rather efficient when I do sit down to get stuff done. I don't plan on being completely worn out come January. (Hopefully!) I must confess that I've had a couple of sleepless nights but only because my brain is just too full with ideas. This is starting to wear off as I'm getting these ideas on to paper.

Along the way I've run into many walls, and had to take many detours. Finding quality vendors that don't charge an arm and a leg whose shipping charges aren't outrageous are much harder than you'd imagine. Especially since I live in Sweden! (I can't source anything here, it would just be too expensive.) But I'm having so much fun! In the next week or so I'll already have some great new products to show off. (cough cough phone cases cough)

I'm especially loving working on a wholesale catalog with all of my current products and the products I'm working on producing. It's such a great way of seeing my brand as a whole. I have plenty of work to go on that as I haven't even produced certain items yet. Though as these products trickle in I'm working on stylised product photoshoots and single product shots. I can't wait for the day when all of my new items are finished and I can take a huge EmmaKisstina collection photo shoot... oh and a vacation. phew!

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