Monday, March 9, 2015

Black and White

Hello Monday!

Have you noticed something lately with my work? No? Well I've been using more black in my designs. You might not have noticed yet because I haven't posted all my newest illustrations... they should be up by the end of the week. But I'm kind of liking the new look. (Also on a side note I'm stepping away from drawing designer brand items but we can talk more about that later.) 

Since I'm such a pastel lover I have a hard time using darker colors because I think they just look horrible to me sometimes and black and white designs are very over done and they can be found all over the place. But I just can't deny how chic, cool and sophisticated black and white designs are. Maybe it's my old age and I'm looking for a more sophisticated look or I'm finally turning into a real Stockholmer. (Absolutely everything is black and white in Stockholm, it's almost ridiculous!) So I've been working on adding simpler black and white illustrations to my shop. I of course won't completely walk away from pastels but I just want to have a mix of lots of illustrations in my shop. Hopefully this is a welcomed change. What do you think?

I also want to introduce you to my new iPhone case designs. They aren't incredible new as I just added black backgrounds to my previous designs but they look so cool in Casetify's new Metaluxe design. I love the rose gold detail (also available in silver.)

These three designs are available for iPhone only with the Metaluxe case. Learn more and shop the collection here...
Also I have a nice code: XVDYNR for $10 off your first case purchase! (you can use this on any of my cases for any phone model.)

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