Friday, March 6, 2015

How I started EmmaKisstina Video & New Illustrations in Shop

Hello Friday!

Been awhile since I popped in to say hello, but here I am and I have another video and new illustrations to show off.

Let's start off with the video. The other day I spent far too much time talking to myself a.k.a. the camera trying to figure out how to tell the story of how EmmaKisstina was started. There was so much stuff that I could talk about, but this time around I decided to talk about going to art school and then transitioning into what I do today. Hopefully you find it interesting even though it's a little bit long.

And then I've recently been on a drawing kick. I've sketched and inked about 6 new illustrations. Plus I've been planning even more. I have so many ideas I need to get out on paper. I haven't made new work in a long time as I've been focusing on other projects, so it will be nice to get lots of new illustrations into the shop.

What do you think of my two latest illustrations?

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