Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I finally finished getting them colored in...unsure whether I like the colors yet, though. Might have to play around a little more with them. Good thing it is super dee duper fun to do!





Puss o Kram


Anonymous said...

Ah it looks great! You should do one that's "what's in my bag?"! Puss Anna

Unknown said...

Tack Anna! Right now I am working on a 'what's in my medicine cabinet' piece...then I should totally do 'what's in my bag' puss puss

April said...

Will these be put in your shop? If so, I cannot wait!

Jamie said...

So amazing! the second and fourth have such fun colors!

Unknown said...

April these will be available in my shop as soon as I can figure out some super cute packaging and get them printed and photographed.

Jamie! I got inspired by the super cute sailor stationary I got from you. You're the best!

emily said...

i just had a look on your etsy store and i am totally in love with your illustrations! i definitely want one of those so i will be back! :) :) xxx