Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vintage Telephone Stationary

They are finally done! I am so in love with how the colors turned out and the quality of the printed final product and my simply sweet packaging I think turned out perfect! Hope you like them....I have worked real real hard on them.


I also had tons of fun trying to arrange them in a sweet still life photograph. I hope it looks super proffessional and Etsy front page worthy. Cross your fingers!

You can find them on Etsy now in the Love Notes section...

Puss o Kram

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

littlest knittery

., originally uploaded by astridgabriella ☂.

so fellow Swede and illustrator Astrid Gabriella.


I finally finished getting them colored in...unsure whether I like the colors yet, though. Might have to play around a little more with them. Good thing it is super dee duper fun to do!





Puss o Kram

Friday, August 13, 2010


Johan and I took the metro in to Stockholm City yesterday afternoon to window shop a little and get a few small things...and too just enjoy ourselves...but it was rather trying with all the crowds and long we went home early. To get away from all the shopaholic teens and tourists and hoards of other annoying peeps we hid out in R.O.O.M. (an interior design showroom) just for fun and were pleasantly surprized when we found our future dream couch! It is soooo perfect. It's exactly everything that we both want in a couch...we are both incredibly dorky, I know. (Plus I feel more and more mature and old and boring when I get so excited over things like couches...we don't even own our own home!)

Whatevs...haha. So yeah the couch! It is seriously huge and very normal looking...we don't want anything over designed that looks like you can only sit properly sipping tea...we want a super ridiculously comforable huge couch for some serious shlubbing. And this is it, Lucas. The gray color is not to my fancy but I am sure it would also come in our dream color considering it is our dream couch...but we are undecided on what that color may be. In the picture you can't tell how hugemugeous it is....but it is. When I sat back in the couch properly my legs dangled just a bit off the edge (I adore the feeling of being little again)...definitly room for 4 to sit super duper comfy....even the BF felt tiny, I nearly had to use force to tear them apart. (He's not so tiny)

Lucas we love you.

Puss o Kram

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Work in My Apartment

Or better OUR apartment!


I really love this one, my newest favorite! This one will do until I get the real thing, I need a KitchenAid desperatly for all the bread baking I want to do...kneading for hand is just not that fun. I think it looks just lovely hanging in our teeny tiny kitchen too.

The Chanel poster looks really amazing in the large poster size as well. I am surprized no one has ordered one yet! I think it would look amazing in a ornate gold frame hanging over a mantle piece in the chicest of lady like sophisticated apartments.

chanel poster

By our dinning table we have an enlarged graffiti photo Johan took somewhere here in Stockholm. It's gorgeous! Plus our dining room table turned out gorgeous as well after all the sanding and whitewashing and laquering we did. I love it! On the window sill I have a collection of herbs I am trying not to kill...though I definitly don't have a green thumb...but I am working on it. They have survived a month and a half with me.


and the close up...


Puss o Kram

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


my truman, originally uploaded by jfoberry.

I miss you. You give life meaning...hehe. BFF's doggie is just the best!

Puss o Kram

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mamma Mia!

We finally decided on our vacation destination...Skopelos, a greek island which seems much quieter and much less destroyed by tourism as many of the other Greek islands have been. The island is more true to traditions and has many regulations and restrictions around new building to protect it's history. It is also the island which many scenes from the musical Mamma Mia were filmed...such as that amazing chapel situated 105 carved steps up on a huge rock jutting out of the sea (can't believe it is actually real and not just made up for the movie). The landscape looks drastic and utterly gorgeous and the clearness of the water looks too good to be true. Looks like one has to be quite fit though, the entire island is built on clifs and steep slopes...there are stairs everywhere. (Gonna have to fit in a few gym visits before we go so I won't be too worn out!) We are more than excited to spend a week in paradise before the reality of Autumn sets in....summer is nearly over! Oh no!

Look how gorgeous it is!

I can't wait to share our experiences and many gorgeous photos we will be taking. Just 12 days till take off!

Puss o Kram

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Chanel Chance Collection

chance collection 5x7, originally uploaded by emmakisstina.

I have a new sweet group of candy colored Chanel fragrance prints listed in my Etsy store. I love how they turned out...I especially like this print with all three.

Puss o Kram

Red Roses

kristina taken by Mormor, originally uploaded by emmakisstina.

My Grandmother took this wonderfully red photo of me in her garden. Aren't her roses just gorgeous?...I don't look too bad if I say so myself too, hehe. I was all dolled up for a party, and felt like a movie star.

I love how grainy and unperfect photos taken with 35mm film are...they have so much more character than perfect digital photos....though I love them as well.

Today I am at my studio again enjoying a cool seabreeze from the ocean while I work on packaging orders and dreaming up where to go on vacation, again. There are just too many options. We have vacation time again in just one week! We are thinking a last minute trip to possible Paris, or Barcelona or maybe even a gorgeous Greek island! Where should be go???

This morning I was leaning towards Paris...I have been there but Johan hasn't. But now I am thinking looks sooo dang gorgeous! Just have to find out which island is to go do a little more research!

puss o kram

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pink Peep toes

pink peep toes 8x10, originally uploaded by emmakisstina.

Pretty in Pink...what do you think?

puss o kram

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

blue manolos 8x10

blue manolos 8x10, originally uploaded by emmakisstina.

I think they turned out gorgeous! What do you think? Made them with a pink background too, you can find that version on my flickr!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Janet Hill Studio

I am in love with a new girly artist...Janet Hill. Her paintings are so soft and feminine and romantic. I just adore all of them! The interiors and the classy ladies are painted with the same delicious warm light and lady-like delicacy. These are a few that I love most....make sure to check out her website and her etsy store too.