Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Spring Please!

Stockholm is warmer and a few Spring flowers are peeking out of the gray grass... but it is by no means Spring yet. (well this is Spring in Sweden so I don't know why I'm complaining... yucky muddy parks, everything is gray and mucky, gravel everywhere, tons of junk that had been lost in the snow has now surfaced. Not too pretty! But we are happy anyhow because no more huge layers, icy winds, snowy streets, and bulky winter coats!) Everything will turn green before we know it... just another month! All the outdoor cafes have already opened, it's a sign.

I saw this gorgeous Spring photo shoot on Sterling Style featuring Taylor and Priscilla and got an extra insane craving for Spring and Summer to come sooner... and a little jealous of their cute outfits too. Totally in love with Taylor's light blue socks and patterned heels. Yes please!

So flipping pretty!

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Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

How sweet of you to post this... we had alot of fun!!