Monday, January 14, 2013

5 Years

This weekend marked 5 years since I moved to Sweden! That first year, when I didn't know anyone, couldn't find my way around, and didn't even speak Swedish that well seems just so so so far away. I also didn't have a job, and no real plans for the future either. Now I can find my way around Stockholm rather easy, I have a great handful of friends, an almost perfect grasp of the language, work my dream job as a freelance illustrator and met the boy of my dreams. Certainly a lot can happen in 5 years!

There may be a lot of things I love about Sweden; the food, the landscape, the culture... but I must say, Johan is probably the best part. I don't regret buying a one way ticket 5 years ago one bit.


J {*sparklingly} said...

Hey there——Happy Anniversary!

What a lovely (and inspiring!) story! For some reason I always thought you moved to Sweden already speaking the language fluently because of your parents, but it's nice to know that you made such a beautiful life for yourself just a few years after arriving without being fluent! (Inspirational for me because we're still hoping to move to Sweden later this year and I do not speak the language at all!).

Gorgeous pictures, as usual.


Unknown said...

Thank you miss J!
Well I did speak rather fluently when I arrived, maybe like 75% now I'm up to 98% perfect, haha. Hard to explain, I've always understood Swedish but never really spoke, I alway answered in English to my parents. But when I moved here I was forced... and the language kind of just came naturally.

You're moving to Sweden! How fun! I can imagine Swedish is rather hard to learn from scratch, but I'm sure it can be done. Plus every one is nice here and speaks english well too.