Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 6

This week could be described as apartment hunting hell. This may be a little dramatic (yes) but buying an apartment in Stockholm is 1 gagillion times more difficult than I had ever imagined. We've only been in the game for about 2 weeks and we're already tired of it all. Every time we find an apartment we like it either gets sold from right under our feet, or we get out bid by other crazy buyers that are willing to pay way more than the asking price. It seems as though one needs to be very cut throat and not go by protocol in order to win. (Yes it feels like a win or a lose.) We've also been swinging back and forth from fixer upers to nicer apartments, or smaller as we've kind of settled on for now. This is insane!

We are interested in the apartment pictured (gorgeous, I know!)... but like usual I'm not trying to get too attached as it may be sold before we have time to blink and or think whether or not it would be a perfect fit for us. This morning I was obsessed with another apartment, so who knows.

I've given up the dream/luxury of having an extra room for an office. Oh well, that's what I get for choosing to live in insanely expensive (but gorgeous and wonderful) Stockholm. I'm strangely not that sad about it... especially if I get a gorgeous vintage-y kitchen like the one shown above. Yay!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Kristina, I know that you'll end up finding the perfect place. Everything will turn out for the best. It sounds like the housing market is really competitive over there. Have a great weekend! xo

Unknown said...

Thanks Linnea! You're sweet. I know we will find a nice place too, it just is very competitive, and I'm a very uncompetitive person. I've never cared about winning. But having somewhere to live is rather important.

Crossing my fingers we get this settled soon.