Friday, August 2, 2013

Week: 31

• This week started off real rainy. I was pretty sure the gorgeous summer weather we've been enjoying for weeks was finally over (sadface)... but the sun came back by Friday so that we'll have a wonderfully warm weekend. Woo hoo!

• Even though rain isn't the most fun, I really enjoyed using all my new rain gear. This summer I've finally invested in a proper gortex rain jacket, in the color pink of course. About time, because Sweden at best is pretty unpredictable. I also enjoyed jumping in puddles in my glittery rain booties and sporting this goofy mustache umbrella. A bus driver even complimented me on it, hehe!

• Since the weather has been a bit iffy I haven't felt too guilty about staying indoors nearly all week. I've been working on 7, yes seven, custom What's in my Bag illustrations. Fun!


Anonymous said...

Random, but can you pretty please tell me how large were the tart dishes you used (like in centimetres)? :) I'm just wondering whether the tart dishes I'm planning to use are too small.

Unknown said...

Hi! I love random questions. :)

Those tarts are soooo very yummy, glad you'll test them out. I used mini tart tins that are 12cm wide and 1.5cm high.

Hope they turn out nicely! The apple one is just amazing!
xo Kristina

Anonymous said...

Yay! My tart dishes are exactly the same size :)

Unknown said...

That's so great! We must have the exact same ones :) Have fun!