Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Artsy Fartsy

Hello Tuesday!

This weekend I was very cultural and went to not one but 3 art exhibits. Mats Gustavson's gorgeously simple fashion illustrations at Milles Gården, the wild and crazy Jean Paul Gaultier fashion exhibit at the Arkitekturmuseet, and the fun Pop Art exhibit at Moderna Museet. The above image is of course from the Pop art exhibit. (Wish I could have come up with something more interesting than Hi for the talk bubble. I'm soooo boring.)

Sometimes it's really nice filing my brain with lots of images and random art... inspiration we can call it. They were all fun to see, though I don't think these were the greatest exhibits I've ever seen in my life.

Gasp, I think I've kind of fallen out of love with art. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been going to museums and galleries lately, because my days are filled with simple illustrations and blog design or if I've just become a little too cynical. Maybe there just haven't been any amazing exhibits in a while here in Stockholm, who knows. All I know is I truly hope this is just a rut, because I have been plans on becoming one of those cultural old ladies when I get older.


Unknown said...

I think we all fall out of love or like with our passions sometimes...but it always comes back. There was about a full week or two during the summer that I just didn't care about cooking. I was burnt out!

But it's back. I think I just needed time at an amazing restaurant.

Unknown said...

So true. I'm not so worry, it's just going to take a breath taking exhibit to spark my love for art again.

MAXCE said...

I love the picture above, I am usually not a huge fan of pop art but sometimes the paintings have something so amazing, like here the mouth drives all your attention :)(sorry for my bad english :s)
Love from France <3

Unknown said...

Hi Cécile! Your english is perfect. :)

I know, pop art is fun sometimes, but this one is really fun. Wish I remembered who the artist was. There was another painting with neon glasses which was fun too.