Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My First Illustration

Today's Question: What was the first illustration you ever created for EmmaKisstina?

Hi Tuesday!

Thought I'd share something a pinch sentimental and simple with you today. Here is the drawing that started it all. I can't quite remember if I came up with the idea for EmmaKisstina first or if I drew this Chanel N°5 illustration first... but I know this is definitely my first EmmaKisstina illustration ever. Neat huh?! I'm glad I've saved it... though I think I should get the original framed. (Don't you?)


Emma said...

You should totally frame that! It's such a monumental piece of your life :) It's like the entrepreneurs that frame the first dollar they earn (but prettier).

Unknown said...

Yes I should! I think a gold frame seems fitting :)