Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 39!

This week was a pinch more exciting than my usual boring work weeks. (Not that they're bad.)

• Most exciting: I've been busy working on a second campaign with Westwing Home and Living, a German online flash sale site. It started yesterday and lasts through Sunday. If you're a member you should definitely check it out.

• Second most exciting: I'm going to be interning with the uber inspiring pair Bri and Angela at their upcoming Blogshop in Stockholm this weekend. It has been so much fun helping them out by coordinating with studio locations, and catering and the such. I've also been in charge of picking up lots of goodies over town and at the post office for the goodie bags. Good stuff!

• I also had an extra exciting job opportunity come my way this week. Crossing my fingers it will go really well.

• Not quite as exciting but still, I did a little shopping this week. Bought fleece lined tights. What a genius invention! I'm going to be living in these warm cozy tights until April.

Hope you have a really great weekend!


Lynn said...

Hi Kristina! I read your blog regularly and love it. Love your work. Those tights sound interesting. Wonder if I can get them in the States. Stay warm.

Unknown said...

Oh thanks so much Lynn!

These tights are great! (wearing them right now actually). Hope you can find them in the States too.