Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 44!

This week didn't involve much creativity what so ever. I haven't picked up a drawing pen all week, weird feeling.

• Started off the week with a scarf sale... which is still going on by the way. You have the chance to pick up one of my illustrated silk scarves at a reduced price until my new stock comes in. Available in my Etsy shop.

• I attended a full day workshop about writing contracts and how to charge clients as a freelance illustrator held by my Swedish drawing society, Svenska Tecknare. It is sooo difficult to know how much to charge clients for different projects or what to include in a contract so your work is protected, so their information and help is invaluable. I've also had lots of legal advice in regards to all of the copyright infringement cases I have to deal with which is great. 

• The workshop was held in the cutest little Herrgård from 1790. I adore anything and everything from the 1700s so it was such a treat to spend the day in such a sweet environment. I love the soft colors, frilly details (such as this gorgeous gold frame), wonky floors, and soft romantic portraits that make up a 1700s interior.

• My Mom was kind enough to send me this gorgeous Kate Spade 2014 planner, since I couldn't find a better (a.k.a. cuter) planner here in Stockholm. It's so strange that something so simple as a planner can get one sooo excited for a new year. (Still planning on enjoying the end of this year though too.)

Hope you have a great weekend! I plan on getting a lot of reading done (I'm totally deep into the Game of Thrones series, and I can't stop.) I also hope to get out my drawing supplies. It's been far too long since I created new illustrations.

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Unknown said...

So nice of you to think of me! She does amazing work, so glamorous!