Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello Monday!

Since I missed sharing on Friday here are 5 Wonderfully Amazing Things Right Now:

• Snow has finally arrived in Sweden, along with freezing minus degree temperatures. Don't much mind the cold as much as I mind not being able to walk properly in fear of breaking my arm on slippery sidewalks. Pretty glad Winter didn't come earlier as it has a tendency to stick around until well into April. poo! Really looking forward to my two trips to warmer countries coming up in January and February already.

I joined Twitter! Only about 5 or so years behind everyone else, but better late than never I suppose. I finally caved to adding one more social media outlet as it started to feel like I was really missing out on something. So far I think it's pretty fun... but haven't come quite to terms with what to share etc. Any Twitter tips?

Did you see the video interview about me?  It was so fun to share a behind the scenes look into EmmaKisstina in video format and I am so glad I was picked to be showcased. Still so very flattered and proud of the final outcome. I really hope to do more video in the future.

• Anyone else kind of already over gift guides? (Guess I'm a Scrooge.)

• Christmas is creeping upon us super fast. (Crazy I know!) Just want to remind that there is only one more week to place orders in my Etsy shop! Get your orders in by Friday (I'll ship out on Monday the 16th) to get your packages by Christmas day. (If all goes well with the Postal Service.)

Yay to another great and busy week!


Emma said...

I'm sooo over gift guides too! In fact, I refused to post a gift guide myself. I don't actually find them that helpful. Call me a picky shopper I guess... :)

Unknown said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone!

Unknown said...

We're enjoying our first official snow fall here in New York as well!! YAY!!! : )

~ Wendy