Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Video Interview!

Hello Tuesday!

I've got something really really exciting to share with you today... my first ever video appearance. Holy Moly!!! You finally get to hear how I sound both in English and a little pinch of Swedish, how soft spoken and slow I am, what I look like, a peek at some weird art I created in college and a few glimpses of where I work and live. 

Way back in September two really lovely German girls came to Stockholm to do a video portrait of me as a part of a school project. We spent two days together exploring some of my favorite places in Stockholm, and at home in my studio where I showed off some past and present artwork. We talked about all sorts of things. There must have been sooo many hours of footage, I can't believe they were able to cut it down to under 4 minutes.

It was a really fun experience and I'm really pleased with the final outcome. I think it really portrays who I am and what EmmaKisstina is. It was a little scary to watch myself on film the first time around (man I never noticed how slow I talk... oh and is that a double chin, hehe) but I'm trying not to be too self critical. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. Go me!

So I hope you enjoy this short little film, and get to know me better.


Unknown said...

This is so, so cute!!! I love hearing you talk.

Unknown said...

Thanks! It's so fun to share.