Friday, January 3, 2014


Hello Friday!

You won't find any of the usual resolutions on my list this year, as I'm actually rather good at going to the gym on a regular weekly basis, and I eat all meals at home which are home cooked and healthy. I also always make sure to take care of myself, by taking time off from work when I need it, and indulging in my favorite things such as giving myself time for lots of reading, and enjoying great food and wine with my boyfriend... and chocolate regularly. So here are a few of my resolutions for 2014.

5 Wonderfully Amazing (and realistic) resolutions I'm thinking of making this year:

• Travel more! In 2013 I'm not sure why, but we didn't travel very much at all. We chose to take our summer vacation in Sweden last year to Gotland instead of somewhere else in Europe, and didn't manage to go anywhere else the rest of the year. As much as it was fun to see another part of Sweden I'd really like to explore more of Europe... and the rest of the world too of course if I can. This year is off to a great start as we're going to Tenerife for a week vacation this month, and I'm going to Florida to see my family in February. Really hope Johan and I will be able to travel at least to one other place some time this year as well. Traveling is just so fun and inspiring!

• EmmaKisstina! I've got lots of big plans for EmmaKisstina for the new year, but always feel so goofy sharing them. (I also want to keep some of my ideas a little top secret, for a big reveal!) But I can say that I'm really really working hard to create new print collections and products soon. I'm still really into textiles, and I'd really love to create fabric collections and offer fabric products of course too. So excited!

• Social Media! I've been having so much fun sharing on Instagram so I'd really like to focus on sharing more... and work on taking better photos. (Wish it wasn't so dang dark and dreary in Sweden, this doesn't help taking clear non-grainy photos.) I'd also really like to work on some fun nice quality photo shoots with my EmmaKisstina prints and products... and me. I think it would be really fun to share my print sizes in actual environments, framed, with cute girly props and glitter.

• Get out more! I need to work on being less of a home body. Sometimes I find myself home way too much, several days can sometimes go by and I haven't been outside. So I'd like to get out more, even just a short walk in my neighborhood. I really do find that having short breaks and getting away from my computer for a little while actually keeps me stay super motivated and inspired... I need to remember to do this though.

• Video! Since sharing the video portrait I was featured in last month I've had video on my mind. Being filmed was totally out of my comfort zone... but that's why I liked it so much. I'd love to push myself to do more projects as these and maybe even try out making videos myself. I'd love to share how I create my illustrations in short fun films.

Not so bad right? I think all of these aren't too hard to achieve, and I'm actually really excited to start working on all these resolutions... especially for EmmaKisstina.


Unknown said...

Loved the last video of you! You should totally do more. As for the grainy photos in winter- we are definitely having the same problem on the East coast of the US right now. Do you have a tripod? That helps with my food shots in the evening light.

Unknown said...

Loved that video of you- you would be great doing more! Have you tried a tripod for the grainy photos? That definitely helps me with the evening light here on the East coast of the US.