Monday, November 1, 2010

Style is Everything

I can finally reveal the project I have been working on! Yippie!

For the past month or so I have been working with two very fashionable ladies to help them make their new site Style is Everything extra gorgeous. It's a Swedish site but take a peek anyhow to see lots of gorgeous Designer handbags and shoes at rather nice prices....and my illustrations are great if I say so myself.

What do you think?

I especially like this one.

Ni Svenska tjejer måste bara kolla! Vem blir inte glad för Chanel väskor, och Christian Louboutin skor...bland annat! Jag skulle gärna ha en av värje...hehe kanske i en drömvärld. Också tjejerna som driver sajten är hur gulliga som helst. Kram på dom!

Puss o Kram


Taylor Sterling said...

I just wanted to stop by and tel lyou how much I looove your work. I am so getting a few pieces for my office. I blogged your art a few months ago. I started the blog after being obsessed with the Miss Dior Cherie commercial. I try to keep my blog in the same feel. You are uber talented!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Congrats!!! It seems like a great project!



Unknown said...

Maya! I adore your work. it really was a super fun project!

Taylor! You're the best! I am so glad you adore my work. Plus I totally adore that commercial as well. Totally an inspiration of mine too. xoxo